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Sioux Falls Roofing Company is a full-service roofing company. Based in Sioux Falls, SD, we provide roofing solutions for commercial and residential clients. We are available for new roof installation and roof replacements. The team has experience with all types of roofing materials and is ready to install your new roof today. Our personnel are courteous, reliable, efficient, and detail-oriented. We would love to have the opportunity to earn your trust by working with you today! We are also available for roof inspections, maintenance, and repairs. You can learn more about our company, products, and services below.

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Would you like to learn more about our company? Sioux Falls Roofing Company is a roofing contractor based in Sioux Falls, SD. We have a team of trained and experienced roofers that are ready to take on your next roofing project today. We offer services for commercial and residential clients. Roofing Sioux Falls are also available for roof replacements, maintenance, repairs, and inspections. If you have a leaky roof, don’t hesitate to give our team a call. We can fix your roof today! Give us a call or email our customer service team today to hear more about us. We offer free quotes, as well as the expertise necessary to help you determine what roofing choices are best for you!

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Sioux Falls Roofing Company provides a wide range of roofing services for our clients. We are available for residential and commercial roofing services in Sioux Falls, SD. Our team has years of experience installing roofs on new homes or businesses and existing properties. We offer a wide variety of roofing materials and types that beautify your property and improve its curb appeal while effectively keeping the elements out. Not sure what your best roofing options are? Then call us today to speak with a knowledgeable roofer and get answers to all your questions. Let our team improve your home or business with a brand new roof. Do you have a leaky roof or missing shingles? We also offer fast and affordable repair services for all roofs. Give our team a call today for more info.

Are you replacing your roof? There are so many roofing material options to choose from! Metal roofing is becoming increasingly more popular as it becomes more affordable. Metal roofing is more expensive than asphalt shingles, but remember, once installed; you will never have to replace it again! Metal roofs also increase the value of your home and help you keep out leaks from storm damage that could depreciate your home’s appearance. With our wide array of colors to choose from, metal roofs also add much curb appeal!

Asphalt shingle roofing is the most economical choice and the most popular. Asphalt roofing also comes in various colors to boost your curb appeal and add to that first impression. There are also varying degrees of pricing and durability in shingles to choose from. We know making this choice can be overwhelming, so call us today with all of your questions, and we can help guide you through to find the best option for your wallet, tastes, and function. Our outstanding customer service reps are waiting to help you!

It is sometimes caused because of the underlay becoming moist and then becoming wrinkled, so it transfers to the roofing material, which becomes compromised as well. Another sign is roof valleys. If you have not considered the state of the roofing valleys then it should be one of the first things on your to-do list. These are channels that run along the inside of the roof. They are the favorite locations for the formation of ice dams and trapped leaves, so it is one of the main avenues that your roof breaks down. Even when rainwater does not drain well because of leaves and other debris, it could lead to mold formation. Damaged chimney flashing is a sign as well that new roofing is needed.

The work of the flashing is to prevent the water from entering your house, so when it deteriorates, the moisture problems will affect the roof and cause the same issues. Even if you replace the damaged flashing, the damage to your roof will already have been done. If you see daylight through the roof boards from the inside of the house, you need new construction roofing. There are so many materials in between the ceiling and the uppermost part of the roof, so if there is a hole that goes through all of these, it means significant wear and tear has damaged the roofing, and it often means you have to completely replace the roof.

You will also notice with this kind of damage to the roof that the utility bills are much higher than they should be. This happens because the air conditioning and climate control keep working hard to maintain the same ambient levels even though heat keeps escaping through these open vents. Even on a hot day, it is just as hard to maintain cool within the house if you have gaps this big. Check the attic regularly to see if you can see any holes because it could save you a lot of money in the long term.

Signs of water damage and loose fittings around the roof should tell you that new roofing is needed. It could be obvious for the water damage because the ceilings or the walls of your residence are wet to the touch. They may also have stains where the water has already dried out. It is a sign that moisture has penetrated the roof and gone all the way to the ceiling and the walls. By the time it gets this bad, it means the roof has lost most of the structural integrity needed to keep you from the elements and is currently a liability.

Repair would not be feasible at this point, so it would require you to hire us to give you a new roof. Our roofing contractors have years of experience working on new construction and are ready to get started on your new home today. Not sure what roof is best for your family? That’s okay! All of the varying information can be confusing, so we are here to guide you through the process and help you choose the right roof and roof material for your dream home. Feel free to email or call our customer service team today if you need a new roof installed.

Having a new roof installed is going to make the house look and become more valuable than it previously was. It is one of the first things noticeable from the street, so it’s only natural that a new roof makes everything else seem better. That also comes in handy should you decide to place it on the market because customers will be more inclined to pay your asking price if the roof has been replaced by a professional contractor. The other benefit if you get to reduce the utility costs in your home. Modern roofing and the materials are more energy-efficient than what may have been the case at home in its present state. If you are trying to keep the temperatures at one level, it helps if the roofing does not have significant holes or is compromised. That makes everything else much harder because you will be hoping to keep the cold wind from getting in or the heat from dissipating.

Either way, having the right roofing replacement done will accomplish the stated goals. You will be able to benefit as well from the decreased insurance premiums. Contact the insurance agent to see if there are any discounts which you will qualify for. You may even save between 5 and 10 percent of the premium, even though some providers will go upwards of 20 percent. That remains true, particularly if you decide to replace old roofing with something in our catalog that is fire and water-resistant.

Finally, you also get to stop continuously repairing the roof. Delaying replacement may result in leaks and even damage to your building if it is a commercial property. Repairing these recurring problems costs more in the long term than having a replacement done. Call us today to discuss the different roofing material options available to you. We are here to guide you through the process and answer all of your questions and concerns. Call our friendly customer service reps today!

You may notice some creases or wrinkled sections in your roof. This typically means the water is getting in underneath the layers and becoming warmer. It then expands and causes the warping in the roof. It has to be solved as quickly as possible; otherwise, water will breach all through the roof onto the ground. Another sign is damp or musty smells. It could be a sign of insufficient ventilation on the one hand, but the chances are that the roof is leaking and allowing moisture to get in. You may also notice spongy plywood around the place of the leak accompanied by some water stains. To combat these issues, we employ several solutions, so you don’t have to deal with leaks. For example, the major weak point on metal roofing would be the fasteners that are screwed in place.

Though they may be added at the upper part of the folds to keep them from the sections where water would pool, they are still weak points as the water wears them away. The best approach for these fasteners is replacing them with a product that is longer and more durable. Leaking around skylights is another common issue. To fix this, we can remove the waterproofing and the layer of shingles over the top of the edges of the skylight so it would be possible to proof it the right way. The next thing would be to cut off the shingles, flashing, and other elements which are covering the skylight. We will also fix the lifting shingles if your roofing is made of these materials. The tar strips on the shingles are meant to be adhesives to hold them together. If they were installed during cold weather, then it may present as an issue.

One fix of this matter would be applying a layer of roofing cement underneath the shingles where they would be lifting. We would also do it on a warm day, so the cement comes out with ease, and the shingles could be pressed into place after the application. You will not experience the same problem again. A damaged roof can cause thousands, or even tens of thousands, of dollars in damages to your home or business if not repaired. Not to mention, most of us have priceless valuables in our homes or business that we do not want to get damaged. We provide fast, safe, and affordable repairs. Our repairs will ensure your roof protects your home for many years to come.

Debris sweeping is equally important, and we recommend doing this regularly with a plush broom. During our visit, we can also assess your roof’s proximity to branches hanging over it. These are the main causes of debris as they tend to drop leaves and branches on the roof, especially during storms. The state of your shingles needs to be evaluated as well. During the autumn months preceding the winter, rainstorms followed by snowfall will be quite hard on the roofing, so if it is not strong enough, it will sustain significant damage. You may find that you have to replace it come spring, and that is an extra cost that would have been avoided had the right measures been implemented earlier on.

We also monitor the levels of moss and mildew on the roof. Moss can add some character to your roof, but that’s as far as the benefits go. If you don’t watch out, moss can overrun the roof and cause accelerated rotting on the surface, which will eventually eat the roof alive. It grows between your shingles and, over time, increases in size to lift them away.

That allows for water to seep inside, and the combination will rot any organic material before causing water damage to the ceiling and the walls. Moss has to be scrubbed away by professionals to prevent damages. If necessary, we will provide any necessary repairs and maintenance to ensure your roof is safe and secure. No one has time to remember to keep up on roof inspections, so let us help you out by doing it for you. Give us a call today if you need your roof inspected.

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